Design For Us

At Keep Calm Desi, the entire creative team has a knack for strict ‘Desipan’ and works on developing the craziest and most innovative of all ideas, for use in our equally unique products. Our creative team consists of many individuals who have mastered their tools at some of the leading design schools, while some were just born with crazy ideas in their DNA.


Keep Calm Desi products are uber-cool and are perfect for those on the hunt for unique gifts. Our tshirts, iPhone covers, coffee mugs, pen drives, beer koozies, shot glasses make great presents for just about any occasion and guarantee having good times later with your friends. In order to keep the idea mill flowing, we also collaborate with many individuals on a project and royalty basis, who share their product ideas with us in return.


To have your crazy idea implemented by Keep Calm Desi, shoot us an email at design4us[@]

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